More tests than a Harvard law student

Today, dad is scheduled for another echocardiogram. The doctor wants to make sure the problems he saw before around dad’s heart valve are indeed gone. The cardiologist won’t sign off on the second back surgery without good results.

Here’s the thing: Dad has had dozens of tests. It’s been almost a month since he came through the impossibly slow revolving door of the hospital, and he hasn’t gone more than a few hours without some sort of test — from a diabetes finger stick to a scope into his heart to have a look around. Dad is sick of tests. The whole family is sick of tests. We want answers, not more questions.

In fact, the first week dad was in the hospital, my brother commented about dad going through more tests than a Harvard law student. And it seems now the doctors expect dad’s blood, bodily fluids, organs and other parts to argue his health case for him.

On the positive side, mom reports dad looks “much better,” especially since he conceded to allow her to somewhat shave his beard. His skin isn’t as gray anymore, which is good.

Also, he is eating more than he has in the past few weeks, which equates to eating SOMETHING. He won’t eat any hospital-cooked protein though — he says, for example, that if you have to put gravy on chicken, don’t eat the chicken. I took one look and agreed. Unfortunately, he feels the same about the pork, the salmon, the turkey, and goodness do not get him started on the meatloaf.

Without the protein in his diet, dad is still quite anemic. Any advice to get him to eat? I asked whether he wanted me to smuggle something in, and the nurse said whatever he’ll eat is fine with her at this point. Ideas?


One thought on “More tests than a Harvard law student

  1. Mom suggests protein shakes? Or Bariatric food. Most of the soups, jello, and pudding are sugar free and very high in protein. You should ask the nurse or doctor about them.


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