I wanna go home!

For the first time in a month, dad has had a singular focus. He wants out.

First he called mom over, all conspiratorially, to lean in close at his bed. Then he asked her to do something for him. “Get. Me. Out. Of. Here.”

Then, he used the call button. Now, something you should know about dad — he hates using the call button. It represents needing help, and we all know the last thing dad wants to admit is that he needs help. Anyway, the nurse took a long time to get there. When he finally did, dad said, “Sam, I just want to know one thing. When can I go HOME?!” Dad even asked if he could go home with Sam. And Sam agreed.

I think it’s a good thing dad finally wants to get out of the hospital. Another nurse, Azman, is encouraging this behavior and helping dad see reason. If anyone deserves a cut of what is bound to be an enormous bill at this hospital, it’s Azman. He’s even keel, honest, open and has a way with patients like dad.

And, most of all, he’s helping dad focus on what it’s going to take to get him home.


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