And away we go!

 I really did it. I left this afternoon, California bound. Just a girl and her dog, on the road.

Holy. Crap.

Of course, I didn’t do it alone. My mom, some extremely awesome friends, even random neighbors helped me get out the door. In fact, a team of two pulled off in 3 hours what would’ve taken me 3 days, no exaggeration.

But loading my Jeep, getting in, turning the ignition and driving away first from my apartment, then my best friend’s house, then my mom’s house? That was all me.

And I am exhausted.

Moving is hard work. I guess some people pay movers to come in, pack everything into boxes and take those boxes to a truck. How anyone can be so organized that someone else would know what to pack is beyond me, but I guess it happens.

I was loading my PODS storage unit until the very last second, playing what felt like a demonic, oversized game of Jenga. I am proud to have walked away with my soul.

I also loaded an insane amount of stuff into the back of my Jeep. That’s just the “essentials” — clothes, dog crate, frying pan, that sort of thing. But that sort of thing adds up, and I can’t see out the back window.

All that loading has worn down my leg muscles in ways I haven’t felt since high school basketball tryouts. I’m sitting in the first of a series of hotel rooms, ecstatic about stretching my legs out in front of me. Luxury has a new context for me, and it’s wrapped in leg room.

So I will sleep now, and enjoy the leg room of the first of a handful of hotels. And hopefully, my legs will recover enough that I can start working out at the next hotel. We’ll see.


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